Reimagining Health

Outside in and inside out

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We spoke with organisational change expert Juliette Alush about supporting the evolution of health and care during the pandemic.

We have a once in a generation opportunity to make positive and sustained changes to our health system. 


Human centred transformation

  • Explore consumers and patients' changing expectations and needs
  • Use creative ways to listen and engage
  • Explore what the near future could look like
Red stairs

New direction, new ways

  • Review the current strategy
  • Agree a few priorities and new ways of working
  • Establish tracking mechanisms
  • Adapt the strategic narrative


Blue change in road

Engaged and capable people

  • Build internal support for the changes
  • Drive changes at a clinical, corporate and operational level
  • Monitor progress, address hot spots
Title Frame

This short video explains how we can support the evolution of health and care.