Katy Thom

Client Director


Katy specialises in health and consumer communication and has developed expertise in media relations and influencer engagement during the six years she has worked as a public relations consultant within agencies in Australia and the UK.

Since joining SenateSHJ, Katy has been an integral member of the team for media campaigns on behalf of clients across the health sector including Bayer, Novartis, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Genome.One. These included regulatory and reimbursement announcements, new product and company launches and the release of industry reports.

Katy has also been involved in the development and implementation of disease awareness and social change programmes in breast cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and eye disease.

Prior to joining SenateSHJ, Katy implemented large scale national public health campaigns for Public Health England and the Be Clear on Breast Cancer Initiative.

SenateSHJ value United

“There’s a lot you can do when you draw on different thinking, and I think there’s always a new perspective to be found. There’s never a bad time to bounce ideas off each other at SenateSHJ.”